Automotive trades: employment is running at full speed in after sales trades

One year has already passed since the automobile market has gone through a gloomy period. Across the world, dealerships have sold fewer cars than usual. Vehicle manufacturing is on the decline so far due to the health crisis that Covid-19 has caused. On the other hand, the automotive aftermarket professions are steadily growing. More than 15,000 positions are to be filled within 5 years in the automotive sector, whether in garages, dealerships, service stations and technical inspections. How to predict a significant number of jobs after such a health crisis?

Youth and automotive training

The automotive sector in the field of bodybuilder, painter and mechanic trains thousands of young people every year. Many choose a work-study program and the workforce has continued to increase over the past 4 years. The automotive aftermarket professions have been in vogue since the beginning of the 21st century, as major car brands have enjoyed great success in this sector. They have found a way to attract young people with the technology of the cars they are building. The CAP is the first diploma that young people aim to achieve. Some remain there, but many have chosen to deepen their knowledge and have more diplomas by completing several modules in order to be versatile in the field.

Car is the new technology

At the beginning, the operation of a car is very simple and easy. But currently, dealers have decided to look into precision and option. The precision is for the functionality of the engine, suspension and the option for the comfort of the vehicle. Currently, they are looking for very qualified experts or technicians to do diagnostics, as well as people who have good capacity for their hybrid cars. The automotive world has experienced an inescapable revolution that is not about to come to an end.

The commercial and technical side of automotive

Experts and engineers work hard to build cars and design offices to test the operation of vehicles. Car parts are made by technicians and operators finish assembly on assembly lines. The number of automotive sales representatives has been reduced, while employees on the repair level are improving. In garages or repairers, people who work in the automotive aftermarket: bodybuilders, painters and mechanics maintain vehicles that do not meet safety and environmental standards, or even damaged cars. Rental agencies and dealerships are looking for salespeople, storekeepers and managers.

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