Back in the saddle by the Covid-19, cycling professions are booming

With the Covid-19 crisis, the employment situation has not improved, on the contrary. Many sectors of the economy have been hit hard, partial unemployment, job loss, precariousness of freelancers and self-employed workers ... But the picture is not completely bleak and some trades are experiencing a real revival. Among them, the cycling professions.

Trades that do not know the crisis

With the health crisis which tends to persist, the professions around cycling are booming and recruiting with all their might. Indeed, after the first deconfinement, a large number of French people made the choice to travel with the little queen in order on the one hand to avoid public transport and on the other hand to resume daily physical activity. As a result of this phenomenon, cycle mechanics have seen requests for various repairs and adjustments multiply. To meet this growing demand, training offers are proliferating and we have even seen the establishment of an academy for cycle professions.

Frensh people are pedalling more and more

The daily use of cycling has literally exploded which has led to a remarkable increase in the number of professions around cycling. In all the cities of France, new cycle paths are being created to allow city dwellers to get around easily and quickly by bicycle. Even in peri-urban and rural areas, people choose the little queen for their trips. Cycle shops are experiencing a high demand for e-bikes, which helps keep cycle factories running. Aid of 50 euros for the purchase of a new bicycle or to repair its neglected little queen has set in motion the business of cycle manufacturers and repairers. Thus, a million bicycles were taken out of their shelter to be repaired.

Become a cycle operator-mechanic

Today's bicycle repairers and mechanics are overworked. The creation of specific training courses around cycling should help relieve the industry's congestion. The objective is to train by the end of the year, 250 cycle operator-mechanics per year, which should make it possible to reach the figure of 1,250 more cycling professionals by 2023. The first cities of the hexagon involved in this training project are: Paris, Mulhouse, Miramas, Voiron, Quimper and Nantes. Notice to all those who are looking for a promising professional project!

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