Student life

Student :could you live in intergenerational housing?

Many students are looking for the ideal accommodation so that they can study in good conditions. But when it comes to living in a comfortable house, the rent will be the main obstacle, as most young people do not have…

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Studies and confinement: how to adapt with working from home?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused countless students to stay at home. To this end, everyone must continue their studies alone, in front of their screen and their books. However, adapting to these new conditions constitutes a source of complexity that…

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How to fight against stress during your studies

Large and small, everyone is stressed. For a student, his change of life is a big daily upheaval. He moves away from his family and his friends, he has to make the choice on what he is going to study,…

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Mutual insurance for students: how to choose the most adaptable?

In the hope of choosing the right student mutual insurance Company that best meets your needs and your financial situation, you must take into account a few selection criteria. At the same time, you are advised to know the different…

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How to make your monthly student budget?

You have just obtained your bachelor’s degree, now is the time to move on to university life. In some cases, you can still depend on your parents. On the other hand, if you want to have financial independence, you are…

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How to get a student scholarship?

The student grant is a kind of financial benefit paid to the student if the family resources do not exceed a certain limit. In fact, this scholarship is awarded on a few social criteria. It offers the student the possibility…

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