Student :could you live in intergenerational housing?

Many students are looking for the ideal accommodation so that they can study in good conditions. But when it comes to living in a comfortable house, the rent will be the main obstacle, as most young people do not have the opportunity to live in luxury. To remedy this kind of problem, a student in intergenerational housing is a possible solution

The principle of intergenerational housing

Currently, most older people want to end their lives in their own homes. But the fact of living alone while being fragile is the main problem that arises for these people of the third age. As a result, they offer the rental of part of their residence for the benefit of young students who are looking for a safe home. In this case, it is a cohabitation where both parties will each have considerable advantages. Indeed, a student in intergenerational housing is a perfect choice for old people who want company. In general, young people under 30 who are still studying or taking training courses are affected by the offers. And they will have to live with people who are over 60

Types of intergenerational housing

When it comes to intergenerational housing, there are three distinct facts to consider. In some cases, the student is allowed to stay in the house if they agree to help the elderly person with certain daily tasks. Shopping, keeping her company, being there at night so that she is not alone, etc. In short, a young person can live for free in the accommodation, but in return, he must be available for some work. In other cases, the student is required to render some service. But in addition, he will have to participate in some household charges such as electricity, etc. There is also another option where the young person looking for housing pays rent to have the possibility of living in this intergenerational house. He will therefore be there by being a simple tenant and can benefit greatly from the part of the accommodation that is due to him.

The advantages of intergenerational housing

There are many advantages to choosing intergenerational housing. For the student, he will have at his disposal a pleasant home with affordable rent. In addition, it will be at the same time a great opportunity to live in beautiful neighborhoods without spending too much. A student in intergenerational housing allows both entities to break the feeling of loneliness. When they get home, the young individual will have someone to talk to. And the older person will have company for tasks that they will have a hard time doing on their own. Of course, living with someone is not like you is not easy. But when everyone is putting in and making an effort, getting used to each other's pace won't be too difficult.

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