How to get a student scholarship?

The student grant is a kind of financial benefit paid to the student if the family resources do not exceed a certain limit. In fact, this scholarship is awarded on a few social criteria. It offers the student the possibility of paying part of the costs of his studies. However, the questions that will have to be answered are: what are the conditions for obtaining a student grant? What files must be provided in order to obtain this scholarship? And what are the criteria in order to obtain this financial benefit for students?

What are the required conditions to get a student scholarship?

In order to obtain a student grant, it is mandatory that the student is enrolled in initial training in a private or public or private education course authorized to receive grant holders, but distance training organizations are included. In addition, the award of this scholarship is subject to certain conditions such as age, diploma, nationality and family resources. Indeed, when it is their first scholarship application, the student must not be over 28 years old. Moreover, this age limit may be extended from volunteering in the armed forces and the duration of civic service as well as from international volunteering carried out by the applicant. In addition, the student grant is awarded to the student whose resources do not exceed a certain ceiling. This ceiling is updated every year. As a result, the resource taken into account for the 2020/2021 academic year is that of year N-2, i.e. the general gross income of the tax notice for the year 2018 as well as any income entered. abroad.

What are the required files to get the scholarship?

In order to obtain a student grant, it is important that the student provides his national student identification number (or INE number) but also a BEA or academic student base. In addition, he must provide proof of his education and those of his brothers and sisters students. He must also provide the tax opinion on the income perceived by his parents in 2019. In addition, applicants for a student grant must apply from January 20 until May 15, 2021 for the 2021-2022 academic year.

What are the criteria in order to obtain these financial benefits for students?

In general, a student grant is paid on social criteria and is awarded to students encountering various material difficulties. And these difficulties do not allow them to continue their higher education. Moreover, a student grant is still additional financial assistance for the family of students. She will not be able to replace the maintenance obligation of all parents. But according to the law, parents must ensure the maintenance of their children as long as they are not able to provide for their own needs, even if they are of age.

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