How to prepare for the DELF exam?

The DELF or the French language studies diploma is a diploma obtained through examinations. They are provided by the French Ministry of National Education which concerns the mastery of the French language on expression and comprehension. In addition, it is internationally recognized and is valid indefinitely. So how do you prepare for your DELF exam?

Organize well before you exam

To prepare well for your delf exam or another, you must first be well organized, that is, you must know the time remaining before your test and choose which day to study. Then you have to know where you stand in relation to the event, because there are different levels. You must also discern your knowledge against the knowledge required to succeed in order to know if you need additional support (such as taking a course with a teacher) or if self-study is already sufficient. And to progress better, it is necessary to set goals. To reach them, you have to recharge your batteries and persevere in your work. For more info, please click here.

Revise well

Although it is very important to organize yourself well and work before your delf exam. It must also be done with the right method to increase your chances of success. To do this, you must favor the exercises and quality support techniques that are related to your test. We can therefore look on sites, but that is generally not very useful. But the secret is to try to do as much as possible to be better prepared. And also to make the corrections to better understand and correct the errors. However, you have to know which one is the most suitable for each one in order to have the best result. Like courses in groups or alone, training, internships

Do a good training

It is necessary to make a good revision before its test. However, there are two ways to train to pass your DELF exam. There is passive training which involves studying the language in general. Which is done by reading newspapers, magazines, watching movies ... This is a very practical way to improve yourself while having fun. And there is also the active training which consists of only being interested in the subject of the delf. It is a primordial and essential training to pass it where we do typical exercises, special preparations ... And for a better performance, we can combine them by using passive training as a complement to active training.

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