With or without bachelor degree, find a web profession

Published on : 16 April 20213 min reading time
Finding a job is often complicated, especially when you don’t have a diploma. Thanks to the evolution of technology, there are now occupations that do not require a degree. The web professions have a wide choice of work which continues to increase and evolve.

What are the web professions?

The web professions are all the professions that aim to maintain and develop a website. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in recruiting. It makes no difference whether or not to hold a baccalaureate because there are jobs that do not require a diploma. They only require two qualities: the flexibility to adapt to all types of developments in new media and the desire to take part in this cultural and economic revolution.

What are the web professions that requires no diploma ?

There are 4 web professions that do not require a diploma. The job of web master also called web developer, no need to follow specialized training because it is now possible to take online courses for free. You do not get a diploma with these courses but they allow you to master computer languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and etc. Then there are the content management jobs, they bring together different jobs such as web editors, bloggers, youtubers, online translators and so on. Then there are also the trades of online operators, these are social network operators, web host, forum host, hotline, online technical support, etc. These operations work remotely or freelance. And finally we have the jobs of the online sales force, no need to have business diplomas, you just need to know your products well and know how social networks work as well as online sales supports.

The advantages and drawbacks of web professions

Like all things there are advantages as well as disadvantages in the practice of the trades of the web. Let’s start with the pros, the web job market keeps growing and creating opportunities for developers. It’s creative work that earns money by solving puzzles. Web development has a very collaborative community. Developers are focusing every day on new techniques to solve problems. There are web trades that do not require travel, which allows developers to work from home.

Regarding the drawbacks, developers change jobs frequently because they keep looking for a better job. Over time they can get tired of solving problems imposed on them so problem solving becomes less satisfactory. Most of the time, they work with a fairly tight deadline and have to work overtime if they are late on the date.

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